New Patients

New Patient Orientation

Hello and welcome!

Congratulations on taking the first step toward reclaiming your health.  I’m honored to be a part of your journey back to health, and I can’t wait for us to begin our work together!

There are 2 main things to do to prepare for your appointment:

  1. Sign in to the Patient Portal (you should have instructions in your email)
  2. Fill out legal & intake forms and submit them at least 48 business hours prior to your appointment time (all electronically via the Patient Portal)

If intake paperwork is not received 48 business hours prior to your scheduled appointment, the appointment will be cancelled.

If you prefer to fill out your intake paperwork by hand, click below to print it out.  This must be mailed or faxed back to me, and received 48 business hours prior to your appointment.

New Patient Intake Packet [click to download]

Please return to:

Dr. Kate

PO Box 3293

La Grande, OR 97850

Or fax to:

(888) 972-1716

You can read more about what to expect from your appointment in the What to Expect section, below.

The Patient Portal

Once you schedule your first appointment, you should receive an email with login information and instructions for signing in to the Patient Portal.  If you haven’t received this, please call and let us know! 

The Patient Portal is where the intake forms are located, which must be filled out on the portal and submitted electronically at least 48 business hours before your appointment time.  If they are not received on time, the appointment will be cancelled. 

The Patient Portal is also where you can go after your visit to find your treatment plan, handouts, superbills, and to message Dr. Kate.

Click here to download a step-by-step guide for navigating the Patient Portal.

The Legalities

There are a few legal consent forms to fill out before you may receive care.  These are included in the intake paperwork.  If you would like to review the longer documents that are referenced there (such as the Privacy Policy and Financial Policy), you can find those under Office Policies.


What To Expect

I have a house calls based practice, so all of your visits will be conducted from the comfort of your own home (or office).  I find that this not only makes your life easier, but also adds a whole new dimension to how well I can tailor a treatment plan to you and your lifestyle.

First visits are generally 75 minutes long, and follow ups are 45 minutes.  The bulk of this time is spent discussing your lifestyle and collecting a comprehensive health history, as well as answering any questions you may have.  I will also perform some physical exam and possibly some gentle bodywork.  I’ll provide you with a detailed write up of our treatment plan at the end of the visit, so you can refer back to it whenever you want.  Follow up appointments are generally recommended 2-4 weeks after your initial visit to assess your progress and modify your treatment plan if needed.

When you schedule your appointment, you’ll be emailed intake forms to fill out and return electronically.  These forms are due 48 hours in advance of your appointment so that I have time to review them thoroughly beforehand.

Supplements may be recommended, at an additional cost.  If so, they will be shipped directly to your home, arriving within a week of your visit.  Average expected cost of supplements for a first visit is $100.  If cost is an issue, please let me know upfront, and I will try to prioritize non-supplement therapies.

Pharmaceutical medications may be prescribed on occasion.  Labs and imaging may be ordered to aid in diagnosis or treatment.

Payments are due at the time of service, and insurance is not accepted.  I will create a superbill for each visit, which you may use to bill your insurance provider directly if you like (reimbursement varies with each policy and is not guaranteed).

See Pricing for more details.